The Connection between Mental Health & Food

Perhaps nothing is quite as important to our ongoing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as the food we eat—and the drinks we consume. The Australian Health Survey reported in 2015 that Australian’s consume around 3.1 kilograms of food and drink daily 1 .  And what we take into our bodies literally shapes our chemistry, including the

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How it all began

Originally a contract manufacturer, Purewellness were constantly asked by supermarkets, pharmacy and supplement brands to duplicate products. Over the years we would be asked to make these products cheaper due to the many hands of distribution channels our food products go through to get to retail , We see our products on the retail shelf

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13 Healthy Weight Loss Tips That’ll Beat Any Diet

13 Healthy Weight Loss Tips That’ll Beat Any Diet by Emma | Weight Loss | 0 comments YOU ARE HERE: Home » Weight Loss » 13 Healthy Weight Loss Tips That’ll Beat Any Diet Contents – Click a link to skip to the section you want to read [show] Losing weight can be tough for some people, but could it be that they are simply trying

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