Our Story

For nearly 30 years, Purewellness’s founder, Jason, worked as a formulation research & development expert and contract manufacturer for supermarkets, pharmacy and supplement brands, where he was constantly asked to duplicate the best-selling products. In this time, he had a front row seat to how the food industry operated from start to finish and was not impressed by everything he saw…

Most projects started out something like this…

Big name brands would ask Jason to duplicate a product and formulate a competitive superior product full of high-quality ingredients.

Jason would happily design a formulation full of high-quality ingredients and present the new superior product to the client.

But because of the many hands of distribution channels that food products go through to get to retail, the clients would dispute the price and demand a cheaper product. Otherwise their product would be sitting next to their competitor’s product on the shelves at up to 4 times the price, eroding their price competitiveness.

The problem was: The only way to make the product  cheaper was by comprising on the quality of ingredients and instead filling the products with cheaper, inferior fillers and ingredients. This would mean that customers would be consuming inferior quality ingredients that would be less beneficial to their body if not useless!

The internal dilemma Jason facing was that he was living out of integrity with what he believed to be the right thing to do for the end-consumers safety and their quality of life.

To remain price-competitive, these big name brands are willing to make that comprise to produce a low quality product for their customers at maximum profit. Still to this day, they are filling their products with base ingredients and fillers from foreign countries etc..which contain known heavy metals and other nasties.

After many years of being exposed to the underbelly of food manufacturing, Jason started to question what he could do about it.

He started to think about: whether there was a way to deliver superior products at reasonable prices without comprising on quality ingredients?

That’s when the idea of Purewellness was born

Jason decided to bring his skills of duplicating and reverse engineering health products to the direct public, cutting out the multiple distribution channels using his direct buying power, which he now passes on the savings to consumers.

Jason can now live in integrity by delivering superior products full of high-quality ingredients at reasonable prices and sleep soundly knowing that he has customers best intentions at heart and their wellbeing top of mind.

Nowadays, Jason is passionate about educating the public about the questionable practices going on in the food industry – from watered down milk to washing grain silos with chlorine to the false ‘grass-fed’ claims right through to the eco-friendly packaging produced in massive greenhouse gas emitting factories.

He is also committed to empowering customers to be more aware of what they are putting in their bodies and helping them to avoid common food industry traps.

For example, he encourages customers to read the product labels. (Can you pronounce all the ingredients? Do you know what all those ingredients are? Are there any preservatives? How much sugar is in them). He also warns customers that many brands put nasty ingredients in products and then rename them to something that sounds healthy i.e. Wheat protein can be renamed to Glutamine Peptide.

Not only that, but many brands are jumping on the ‘organic’ bandwagon and naming their products things like ‘All Natural XZY’, ‘Organics XZY’… but then you look at the ingredient list, there is NOTHING organic and natural inside them its just the brand name. Don’t be fooled by the pretty face of a brand (remember it’s what’s inside that matters!).

Our mission is to give more Australians the option to buy Australian (where possible) natural and organic, high quality food products at reasonable prices that will keep them well on the inside and give them more vitality and energy every day!

Today, you will not find any of Purewellness’s products in supermarkets or any other store as Jason refuses to comprise on the quality of ingredients and be just another corrupted price-driven brand.

Instead, Jason and his team are focused on formulating superior products packed full of high-quality nutritional ingredients, regardless of what the products end up being priced on the shelf.

Purewellness’s products will be comparable price wise to all brands, however you can rest assured the ingredients used are the best quality available and sourced from Australia available if and where possible. Our customers have the peace of mind knowing they are making the healthiest choice for their body, family and mind in the short and long term.

- Our Core Values -


From the farm to the finished product, we prioritise quality at every stage. We pride ourselves on formulating superior products with only the highest quality ingredients sourced from quality suppliers. In this way, our customers can have peace of mind knowing that our products will be safe for their body and keep them well on the inside.


We have full traceability on our ingredients – we know where all ingredients are sourced, where they were grown, what conditions they grown in and how they were processed. By doing this, we can be open and honest with our customers and always available to answer their questions regarding our processes, ingredients, products and suppliers. We are continually working towards full disclosure of ingredients on all products.


We are committed to helping Australia become more self-sufficient by choosing to source ingredients from Australian suppliers and local farmers whenever possible. We continually searching for new local growers to supply our ingredients. We are passionate advocates for farming and manufacturing to be brought back to Australia.

Giving Back to Aussie Farmers


Having seen firsthand the difficulties that Australian farmers face in the food industry along with their battles against droughts and natural disasters, we are committed to giving back to Aussie farmers. That’s why we became a Drought Angels Fundraiser.

Supermarkets and big name brands make it hard for farmers by demanding produce at ridiculously low prices – continually squeezing them on price until there is little margin left for them. To add salt to the wound, if the farms don’t meet their price demands they take their business overseas and buy cheaper produce like oranges and bananas from foreign countries. 

It also saddens us to see that only 10% of Australian grown ingredients are supplied to the Australian food industry. Not only that but also almost every product in Australian supermarkets with a ‘filler’ or ‘base ingredient’ in it comes from foreign countries. Since the GFC, it became non-competitive to grow many of the core ingredients in Australia.

We are passionate advocates for farming and manufacturing to be brought back to Australia so we can become a more self-sufficient country and support local Aussie businesses.

This is why we source our ingredients from Australian suppliers as much as possible and continually search for Australian growers to engage.

“Drought Angels provide direct and timely financial assistance, essential resources and meaningful relief for Primary Producers across Australia impacted by drought and natural disasters. Our commitment is to provide heartfelt, discreet, and personalised support to farmers and rural communities.”

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