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Superfoods Beverage Bundle: Treat Mom to a delightful tea and hot chocolate experience with our Organic Superfruit Tea Blend, Hot Chocolate Superfood, and Premium Drinking Chocolate. A perfect way to unwind and indulge.



Purewellness Wake Up Juice helps you make the most of your morning with a range of herbal extracts, amino acids and micronutrients. With L-Theanine and Glycine to promote calm and a feeling of being centered, the Agmatine and Acetyl L-Carnitine support neuronal health and an optimistic frame of mind. Backed by tyrosine to support noradrenaline and dopamine synthesis, this product packs plenty of punch to lift you up and keep you there for hours.

In today’s modern society, convenience is king (or Queen). And what could be more simple than adding a All Inclusive Vege blend to your daily smoothie to boost it’s nutritional value. With the addition of barley grass, premium turmeric root, medicinal mushrooms, natural magnesium from seawater and a range of veggies, this is a product designed to impress

Who wouldn’t want superfoods in their hot chocolate? With a deliciously smooth hot chocolate flavour+ superfoods have been infused to deliver antioxidant, nootropic and energy benefits. Including the popular Turkey Tail Mushroom, Maca Root, Elderberry and more, discover this decadent warming product you will become obsessed with before bed every night!


Hot Chocolate Superfood


A.M. Wake Up Juice


ALL-IN Veggie Smoothie Blend



  1. Thalia

    Mate, let me tell ya, this bundle of hot choc superfood, all veggie smoothie blend, and coffee alternative is an absolute ripper! It’s a fair dinkum way to get your brekkie sorted with a delicious dose of goodness. Chuck out the brew and chuck in this beaut bundle for a top-notch bevvy experience, no worries!

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