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PW Goji Berry Powder 250g


Goji possess better nutritional content than most foods on the entire planet.  It is also known as the world’s most powerful anti-aging food. 

What makes Organic Goji berry juice powder even more special is the scores of health benefits it provides. So much so that it is considered to be one of the best health food available on the planet. Some rather obvious and very popular health benefits have been listed below.

• It is one of the best and most powerful anti-aging foods available on the planet. It has been scientifically tested to have decreased the speed of aging in humans.
• It provides the body with a blast of antioxidants. It is in fact rated among the top of the ORAC scale – The Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity which is a widely renowned system for measuring antioxidant power in various food sources.

• Organic goji berry juice powder contains an element named Beta Sitosterol, An anti-inflammatory agent known to scientifically lower the blood cholesterol levels. It is also a major component that treats prostate enlargement.

• One major benefit of consumption of the organic berry juice powder is the enhancement of memory. It has been scientifically tested to improve a person’s memory.
• This miraculous organic goji berry juice powder is a great health food for women. Cyperone, a nutrient contained in this powder is used in the treatment of cervical cancer. It is also known to benefit women by lessening menstruation problems.
• Heart and blood pressure problems have often been found to normalize on consuming organic goji berry juice powder.

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