Pepper Steak Seasoning


Purewellness Pepper Steak Seasoning will turn your next piece of steak into a mouth-watering masterpiece. This seasoning has been blended to perfection, with just the right amount of spice. Whether you’ve got a family feast on the horizon or are simply cooking for one, this is a seasoning designed to impress!

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GMO STATUS: This product is non GMO.

ALLERGEN STATUS: This product does not contain any known allergens.

HALAL STATUS: This product is Halal certified.

KOSHER STATUS: This product is Kosher certified.

Country of Origin:  Manufactured in Australia from imported and local ingredients.

DESCRIPTION: A savory, granular blend with a reddish/brown speckled appearance. The product has a hot pungent pepper relish. Product must comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

STORAGE Product shall be stored at ambient temperature, in dry, clean conditions, protected from sunlight.
SHELF LIFE If stored as requested shelf life is twelve (12) months from the date of packing.


nutritional information

INGREDIENT LISTING: Pepper Steak Seasoning [Spices, dry vegetables, salt, sugar, citric acid (330) and canola oil.

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