Natrol Acai Berry Antioxidant Protection 1,000mg

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Natrol Acai Berry Antioxidant Protection 1,000mg

Known for fighting free radicals and the resultant inflammation, antioxidants boost heart health and improve cognitive function. They also enhance immunity and boost vision, and their anti-inflammatory properties help ward off chronic ailments like arthritis. Adequate intake of antioxidants can also delay aging and improve hair health.


2. Improves Cognitive Health

It improve memory and cut the risk of dementia. Vitamin E is another antioxidant ward off depression. Antioxidant also maintain your vascular health, thereby repairing neurons and preventing brain damage that associate with aging.

Antioxidant work as mediators in the central nervous system, thereby preventing inflammation and boosting cognitive health. Most brain diseases associate with oxidative damage, which can be reverse with intake of the supplement. These powerful substances also have a role to play in preventing other ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. Greater consumption of carotenoids (another branch of antioxidants) link to cognitive benefits in adults.

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2. Can Help Prevent Cancer

It prevent free radical damage that cause cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, even our supplements can aid cancer treatment – given their ability to fight inflammation.

Another study states how total antioxidant status can decline during cancer treatment – which means that the supplementation can help the treatment process.


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