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Almond Meal

Features & Benefits of Almond Meal


  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Vegan
  • Soy Free
  • Wheat Free

Lotus Almond Meal is made from ground, blanch almond kernels and is a great source of protein. It can be use in pastries, cakes, pies and macaroons.

Why Almond Meal

1. A Gluten-Free Flour Alternative

It’s a fact: 3 million Americans (and growing) are now adopting a gluten-free lifestyle. While a percentage of these have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a dangerous condition, others simply identify as wheat-sensitive.

This second group may have general complaints such as bloating and a headache after eating wheat.

Whatever your wheat-related considerations, almond flour (sometimes called “almond meal”) is fast becoming the go-to wheat replacement for pancakes, breads and desserts.

Careful: almond flour isn’t low in calories (it has about 160 of these per ¼ cup serving). Keep in mind, though, that it’s packed with nutrition, so every calorie goes toward your better health. And you’ll keep your wheat sensitivity in check.

Almond flour is also a bit of a learning curve in recipes; it doesn’t automatically fluff up like wheat flour does. Add it to other light flours, such as tapioca or rice. Or add an egg and a pinch of baking soda for almond flour breads and muffins.

2. Controls Appetite and Prevents Diabetes

Watching your carbs? You’re not alone. Science is discovering there are are more reasons to watch your carbs than a reduction in bloating and an initial weight drop.Low-carb food replacements, including almond flour, may help keep your appetite in check so you can lose weight.

So how does it all work?

While carbs aren’t “bad,” since they can give you energy and perform a number of vital functions, the amount we get today tends to be excessive.

Our grab-and-go world offers endless choices of processed foods. We also eat a high refined wheat and grains diet. It can all add up to more carbs than you can handle.

The reason is this: as we consume foods, a large portion is converted to glucose for either energy or storage. When glucose is present in the bloodstream, insulin is secreted from your pancreas to round it up and send it into your cells.

But if overly large portions of glucose are “dumped” quickly into your system, as after a very large or very carbohydrate-heavy meal, insulin has a hard time keeping up.

Your body reacts by producing more and more insulin, but over time, the body can take both the excess insulin AND glucose as an assault. The cells become resistant to receiving insulin, “shutting down” and causing a condition known as insulin resistance. And that’s a primary marker on the way to a Type II diabetes diagnosis.

Reverse this trend by replacing some of your refined flours with almond flour. A lower-carb diet has been shown to reduce your hunger by producing less of a sharp rise-and-fall of insulin and glucose in your blood. At the same time, you help prevent a diabetes diagnosis by minimizing the spikes your body is put through following meals.

Choose low-carb foods like almond flour to help prevent the double-whammy of obesity and a diabetic condition.

Ingredient  of Almond Meal

Ground blanched almond kernels

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