Lipolean Xtreme – 60 capsules

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Hardcore Fat-Burning for Serious Weight Loss!

Rapid-Onset Burst of Energy That Lasts All Day!

Triple-Layer Tablet Construction and Spherical Bead Polymers

Xtreme Weight Loss and Repartioning Agent

LIPOLEAN Xtreme is a Hi-Tech weight loss and energy enhancement supplement designed to quench the “hard to please” dieter’s thirst! LIPOLEAN Xtreme includes triple-layer construction and spherical bead polymers (creating the tablet’s colorful, speckled appearance). These two technologies are why LIPOLEAN Xtreme provides such an exceptionally smooth, long-lasting, no-crash stimulant feeling.

The outer layer of the LIPOLEAN Xtreme tablet contains Explotab technology- for immediate burst of the active ingredients, producing rapid onset of energy! The middle layer then continues to release stimulants and other weight loss components in a delayed release pattern. Last, but certainly no least, the inner layer releases a sustained dose of active ingredients into the bloodstream for long-lasting energy and a continued weight loss effect for several hours. Above and beyond this triple-layer construction, LIPOLEAN Xtreme incorporates spherical bead polymers within all three of its layers to further induce its extended delivery properties.

When you take LIPOLEAN Xtreme, be ready from the get-go to get slammed with an “eyes wide open” blast of energy that will take you from 0 to 60 just like that! LIPOLEAN Xtreme will then help you lose weight and feel great all day long.

This unique pill was formulated out of a strong necessity for a genuine, no-nonsense Weight loss product. This All Natural Fat Burner isn’t just another diet pill!

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