Pure L-Histidine Powder


Essential amino acids are those which are not produced by the body. In order to achieve optimal levels of them (and receive all the benefits they deliver) we must get them from food (expensive and calorific) or amino acid supplements. L-histidine is one such essential amino acid and this is an easy way to supplement with it for athletic performance, muscle gain and recovery.

Since l-histidine is mostly found in meat, fish and dairy, vegans and vegetarians are particularly advised to use an l-histidine supplement. However it is very beneficial for anyone who trains in the gym or competes in sport.

Our bodies need a source of quality l-histidine to produce various enzymes, including gastrin, an enzyme which promotes healthy digestion and helps us actually absorb nutrients and minerals from the food we are so careful about eating. L-histidine also helps our bodies produce of histamine, which is very important for immune system health, heart health and a strong circulatory system. All of these things are crucial for anybody, but of particular concern to athletes and anyone who competes in sport. When you train hard, you don’t want competition day (or a whole season) to be affected by colds or a suppressed immune system.

Histidine also helps the body maintain the optimal balance of important minerals, including zinc and iron. It actually binds with zinc and carries zinc to our cells where it is put to good use. It’s no surprise that people who don’t get enough l-histidine (either from diet or from proper supplementation with a pure grade supplement) are deficient in zinc. This shows up as fatigue, the inability to train hard and recover, a suppressed immune system.

Protect your immune system and all-round health by supplementing with this quality l-histidine powder.


INGREDIENTS: Pure L-Histidine Powder.


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