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L -Glutamine is the major amino acid found in skeletal muscle. After intense training, glutamine deposits in the muscle decrease and this results in lower muscle strength and performance. Similarly, glutamine levels are restored according to the muscular recovery process, which takes several days and depends largely on the diet. It is in this sense that a supplement with glutamine becomes important. According to clinical studies, glutamine prevents protein catabolism and muscle recovery speeds up as it is the main source of nitrogen for muscle. When glutamine levels are optimum, protein synthesis accelerates. Glutamine is an amino acid considered “non-essential” as it is normally synthesized by the body from others, such as Glutamic acid or glutamate, valine and isoleucine. After taurine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle mass where it forms about 60% of the free amino acid pool, and has the highest concentration in plasma. Because of its important metabolic functions, it is an amino acid is considered “conditional” because the body increases its needs in special situations (prolonged stress, intense training, recovery from injury, etc.) which induce an increase in the needs of glutamine in the body, which are often not met by endogenous synthesis. The amino acid glutamine is better able to generate glucose and glycogen in the liver, which is of great importance in the recovery process. It also stimulates the production of growth hormone (GH) and is an essential substrate to maintain antioxidant activity of all cells of the organism as it participates in the synthesis of glutathione (substrate essential to the development of these reactions, which block the deleterious effects of free radicals in the body). Is the most important nutrient for intestinal system cells, liver, kidney, immune system, where it acts as a precursor to DNA and RNA in white blood cells, whose activity is highly dependent on the blood levels of glutamine.

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