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Purewellness Natural Gelatin a premium Australia sourced-product produced from pasture-fed cattle. Gelatin is rich in protein, containing 88% protein and offering a unique amino acid profile. Gelatin is often used to soothe and support digestive health by providing a coating for the mucosal cells where it protects and promotes healing.


Gelatin contains a rare amino acid profile, including glycine, proline and lysine, as well as hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline. These unique amino acids promote the health of many tissues, including hair, skin, nails, bone, muscle, joints and more.  Gelatin powder contains many essential amino acids, including the branched chain amino acids.


Benefits & Features

  • Promote GUT Health.
  • Soothe & Protect Digestion.
  • Support Hair, Skin & Nails.
  • 88% Protein by Weight!
  • Australian Pasture-Fed.
  • Zero Carbs, Zero Fat.

Earn up to 675 Points.


Promote GUT Healing & Aid Digestion

  • Sourced from Australian cattle: pasture raised and grain finished.
  • Aids digestion by soothing the digestive tract.
  • Naturally binds to water, helping food move through the digestive tract more easily.
  • May assist with food sensitivities
  • Contains keratin, a protein that improves the condition of hair, nails and skin.
  • Assist the lining of the stomach and digestive tract.
  • Great source of dietary collagen.
  • No fat or cholesterol.
  • No additives or colouring agents.

Gelatin is pure collagen, essential for the integrity of the skin. Collagen is the substance that is derived from processing of animal bones and connective tissue.

Using gelatin as a major dietary protein is an easy way to restrict the amino acids that are associated with many of the problems of ageing.

Today, gelatin is missing from the modern Australian diet, where muscle meats are consumed in abundance. Adding Gelatin to the diet can balance the amino acid profiles and can cortisol, which supports optimal health. Gelatin is fantastic for the GUT, assisting with digestion and supporting the condition called leaky GUT. Gelatin naturally binds to water and helps food to move through the digestive tract more easily, promoting health bowels. This product may also support those with multiple food allergies resulting from leaky gut and maldigestion.

Derived from Australian bovine (cow) skin, connective tissue and bone. Australian cattle are all vet checked and certified, with the final product free from gluten, dairy, cholesterol, sugar, fat and MSG. 

How to Use Purewellness Natural Gelatin

  • Take 15 grams (1 Tablespoon) up to 3 times per day in water or liquid of your choice.
  • Easily added to soups, stews, gravy, cooked oats.
  • Be creative! Hot water soluble only will mix in cold liquids but will not dissolve.
  • Add it to your cooking to provide a wide range of health benefits!


Nutritional Information

INGREDIENTS: Pure Australian Bovine (Beef) Gelatin.

Kosher and Halal certified. May contain traces of sulphate as a result of the cooking process.

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  1. tamborinemicrogreens (verified owner)

    Found it has fixed my gut issues. Great for skin and hair. Plus i have loads more stamina. Glad Ive bought and will again. Great VALUE Protein wise.

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