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Organic Dragon Fruit Extract Powder


Dragon fruits are abundant in nutrients including vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, essential fatty acids, oligosaccharides and various betalains and phenols. The many tiny black seeds contained in the flesh contain omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Product Features

  • Rich in Phytonutrients.
  • Natural Vitamins & Minerals.
  • Add to Smoothies.
  • Perfect for Acai Bowls.

Our pure fruit powders are an instantaneous way to give your drink a specific flavor. Add a few scoops of your powder into the base of your smoothies, milk teas, flavored milk, and blended drinks, and transform it into any flavor you want.

We have a wide range of powder selections including matcha, Acai tea, papaya, mango, chocolate, strawberry, and much more.

Explore our variety of powders and truly transform your dessert and drinks.
Also, a great choice for an all-natural flavour alternative to making bubble tea or creative cocktails



  • Nutrition Facts
  • Serving size: 5g
  • Flavours: Plain/Unflavoured
  • Amount per 100gAmount per serving
  • Energy
  • kcal22.2 444.0
  • kJ92.9 1,857.6
  • Protein0.6 g12.0 g
  • Total Fat0.3 g6.0 g
  • Saturated Fat0.0 g0.0 g
  • Total Carbohydrate3.3 g66.0 g
  • Sugars2.8 g56.0 g
  • Dietary Fiber1.1 g22.0 g
  • Sodium0.0 mg0.0 mg
  • Potassium66.7 mg1,334.0 mg

INGREDIENTS:  Organic Spray-Dried Dragon Fruit Pink Pitaya Powder.

ALLERGEN STATEMENT: This product is packed in a facility that processes dairy milk , nuts and peanuts, gluten containing cereals and soybeans and may therefore contain traces of these allergens.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 5g into water, smoothie or protein shake.

Dragon fruit powder is a versatile ingredient that can be used in various recipes to add a unique flavor and vibrant color. Here are ten recipes that incorporate dragon fruit powder:

  1. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl:
    • Blend frozen mixed berries, banana, Greek yogurt, and dragon fruit powder.
    • Top with granola, sliced fresh fruits, and a sprinkle of dragon fruit powder.
  2. Dragon Fruit Chia Pudding:
    • Mix chia seeds with almond milk, honey, and dragon fruit powder.
    • Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.
    • Serve topped with coconut flakes and fresh dragon fruit cubes.
  3. Dragon Fruit Iced Tea:
    • Brew your favorite tea and let it cool.
    • Stir in dragon fruit powder until well combined.
    • Serve over ice with a slice of lemon.
  4. Dragon Fruit Energy Bites:
    • Combine rolled oats, almond butter, honey, shredded coconut, and dragon fruit powder.
    • Shape into small balls and refrigerate until firm.
  5. Dragon Fruit Yogurt Parfait:
    • Layer vanilla yogurt with dragon fruit powder, granola, and fresh berries.
  6. Dragon Fruit Sorbet:
    • Blend frozen dragon fruit chunks, a splash of coconut water, and dragon fruit powder.
    • Freeze until firm and serve as a refreshing sorbet.
  7. Dragon Fruit Pancakes:
    • Add dragon fruit powder to your favorite pancake batter.
    • Cook pancakes and serve with maple syrup and fresh dragon fruit slices.
  8. Dragon Fruit Salad Dressing:
    • Whisk together olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, and dragon fruit powder.
    • Drizzle over a mixed green salad with nuts and cheese.
  9. Dragon Fruit Guacamole:
    • Mash ripe avocados and fold in diced tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, and dragon fruit powder.
    • Serve with tortilla chips.
  10. Dragon Fruit Icing for Cupcakes:
    • Mix powdered sugar with dragon fruit powder and a little water until smooth.
    • Drizzle or spread the icing over your favorite cupcakes.

Feel free to adjust the quantities to suit your taste preferences, and enjoy experimenting with dragon fruit powder in various culinary creations!

Blended & Packed in Australia from Imported Ingredients.

Storage: Store in a Dry, Cool Place.

Weight N/A

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