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Detox Tea with Superfruits & Herbal Extracts


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Purewellness Detox Tea is a naturally sweetened and flavoured powder that contains a range of herbal extracts, whole foods powders and Vitamin C to be enjoyed hot or cold. This Detox Tea may be enjoyed daily to promote optimal health or short-term during a detoxification or weight loss program.


With the adaptogenic powder of Schisandra extract, each cup of Detox Tea promotes healthy stress responses. Natural antioxidant ingredients, including Acai, Goji and Red Grape, assist in protecting cellular defenses against free-radical damage. This tea powder contains nothing artificial and is based on a premium black tea powder, naturally containing caffeine and abundant antioxidants.

Detox Tea is Designed to:

  • Assist your Body’s Natural Detoxification.
  • Boost Energy Levels and Stamina.
  • Maintain Overall Wellness and Vitality.
  • Support Stress Adaptation.
  • Fight Free-Radical Formation.
  • Enhance Digestive health.
  • Promote Immune Health.


Detox Tea is an instant refreshing blend designed to assist your bodies natural detoxification efforts. The unique combination of herbal extracts and natural ingredients have been carefully combined to promote digestive balance and revitalisation.


Super fruits Acai, Goji, Elderberry, & Red Grape have been added for their rich antioxidant status and immune properties. Whilst Peppermint, Ginger and Fennel have traditionally been used for encouraging optimal digestion.


Cleanse and refresh with the natural goodness in Detox Assist Instant Tea.

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2 reviews for Detox Tea with Superfruits & Herbal Extracts

  1. Eli

    Love this in the morning before I train. My 10th time ordering this year 😀

  2. Keith

    My review of the product was great tasting, great delivery time and everything was so easy with the whole ordering process took like 1 min. Thanks Purewellness

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