Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder


Not your average Cocoa!!!!!  This Dutched Cocoa Powder is extremely high-quality, with a 10-25% fat content. The higher the fat content in butter, the better the quality, resulting in amazing results for your desserts or drinks.

Natural cocoa is quite strong. Its somewhat bitter, natural acidity makes it preferable for use in baking.

“Dutched” cocoa has undergone alkalization to reduce its natural bitterness. This smooth, rich and mellow flavor is ideal for hot cocoa and other chocolate drinks.

To substitute cocoa for unsweetened baking chocolate squares in any recipe, replace 1 ounce chocolate with 3 tablespoons cocoa plus 1 tablespoon shortening or oil.

To make one cup hot cocoa, mix 2-3 teaspoons cocoa powder with 2-3 teaspoons sugar and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. Add a few drops of water and mix into a paste. Add 8 ounces milk to the paste and heat. That’s easy instant gratification!

This Dutch chocolate cocoa powder is also an excellent way to add depth to chili, or if you make or chili too hot, a little cocoa powder helps tone it down a bit.


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