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Cinnamon Verum (Zeylanicum)


Cinnamon verum is called “true cinnamon” due to its health benefits and unparalleled flavour and aroma. This form of cinnamon is native to the tiny Indian Ocean Island of Sri Lanka. Most cinnamon sold in the market is the cassia variety, which is often labelled as Chinese cinnamon. cinnamon powder

Cinnamon verum has a sweet aroma and more delicate flavor than cassia, which may make it preferable for flavouring desserts and lighter dishes. It’s aromatic qualities are enhanced when boiled or brewed, while a natural sweetener like erythritol or xylitol will enrich the flavour.

Unlike ordinary cinnamon available at the local grocery store, Cinnamon verum contains low Coumarin levels, which improves the health benefits of this natural spice.


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