Cinnamon Quills 3in 100g


GMO Status: This product is Non GM
ALLERGEN STATUS: This product contains no known allergens.
HALAL STATUS: This product is Halal certified
KOSHER STATUS: This product is Kosher certified

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Country of Origin:  origin: Sri Lanka, India

DESCRIPTION: The hand-formed layers of the mature inner bark of Cinnamomum zeylanicum, which has been fermented, then rolled to form a solid cylinder known commonly as a “quill”. The product is brown with a sweet, slightly savoury flavour. The product complies with regulatory requirements.

INGREDIENT LISTING: Cinnamon Quills 3” C-4

STORAGE: The product should be stored in ambient, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight.
SHELF LIFE: If stored as requested, shelf life is the following from the date of packing: 25kg: – India: eighteen (18) months – Sri Lanka: twenty-four (24) months 500g: – twelve (12) months

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