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Best of The Bone for Dogs Turmeric and Black Pepper – Beef Bone Broth & Collagen Protein Created for Pets


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Best of the Bone for Dogs, a grass-fed liquid beef bone gelatin, provides boths dogs and cats with the highest levels of collagen protein available in any food. The beef bone gelatine is high in 19 amino acids that your dog needs for complete health.

Proven to aid and alleviate joint pain and even reverse conditions of arthritis as well as improve skin health, digestive health and provide a base for optimal health. There are no gut-destroying grains or cereals.

SERVING: Add a tablespoon to your dog’s favorite dish. Or make a warm, healthy broth by adding a tablespoon of Best of the Bone for Dogs to warm water and some nutritious vegetables and your dog will love it.

Best of the Bone for Dogs provides the grass-fed beef bone gelatin, collagen protein and amino acids that provides:

  • improvement in joint health.
  • treat and reverse arthritis.
  • increase bone density.
  • critical components for fur, skin and teeth health.
  • nutrition for the building of young bones, joints and muscle.
  • increase muscle development (great for young puppies and elderly dogs)
  • treat and repair muscle, joint and bone injury.
  • proven digestion and gut health benefits.
  • improved immunity

Order Best of the Bone for Dogs (and cats) today and you’ll see immediate health benefits for your animal.

Ingredients: Grass-fed certified, slow-cooked beef-leg bone; evaporated sea salt

Note: Slow-cooking ensures digestive enzymes are not destroyed in extreme heat and slow-cooking for 48+ hours ensures maximum nutrient extraction. Hence nearly 40% collagen and a load of minerals for skin, fur, joint and digestive health. And arguably the best energy food you can find for your pet – thanks to the healthy fats and essential fatty acids!

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1 review for Best of The Bone for Dogs Turmeric and Black Pepper – Beef Bone Broth & Collagen Protein Created for Pets

  1. Elica

    My dog absolutely loves the Best of the Bone for dogs, she licks her dish clean! She can move freely again and has reduced itching and inflammation too.

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