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Akunamgold Manuka Honey MGO 88+ 250g



Our purple label Mild strength MGO 88+ range is ideal for daily use. This bio-active honey contains natural antioxidants, enzymes and antimicrobial benefits that when added to drinks helps sooth sore throats for the texture is smooth and lessons irritations. All our Manuka Honey is independently tested and verified to guarantee the levels of Methylglyoxal in every batch.


100% Australian Manuka Honey MGO 88+


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Manuka honey is widely regarded as the best quality honey in the world because of its amazing health and healing benefits. Containing natural antioxidants, enzymes, antimicrobial properties and a special natural ingredient, methylglyoxal or MGO as it’s commonly known which converts to produce potent and unique antimicrobial benefits that can be used in many ways to help support the healing process that the body needs to stay healthy. Manuka honey can contain more than 70 times the level of MGO Honey found in normal honeys.

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