2 Metab Assist Instant Tea Pomegranite Kiwi & Lime 2x20x5g Sticks

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Our special Metab Assist Instant Tea is a unique blend of green and black tea enhanced with functional ingredients to give you a great-tasting tea that will assist in weight management and increased metabolism, energy, focus and alertness.

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Product Description

Why you should use Metab Assist Instant Tea:

  • Assist in increasing metabolism
  • Energy boost
  • Maintain overall health, wellness and vitality


Our special Metab Assist Instant Tea is a unique blend of green and black tea. It has been enhanced with a range of functional herbal extracts and antioxidants including Acai Berry, Schisandra Berry, Goji Berry, Elderberry, L-Carnitine and Campsium Annuum to further support and increase metabolism, energy and overall health and wellness.


Weight loss

Xylitol, Schisandra Berry, Flavours, Black Tea Powder, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Citric Acid, Red Grape Powder, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Elderberry, Pomegranate Powder, Stevia, L-Carnitine, Capsicum Annuum.

Average QuantityPer Serve (5g)Per 100g
Fat, total0.03g0.58g
saturated fat0.01g0.13g
Carbohydrates, total3.77g75.46g
Dietary Fibre0.05g0.93g
Vitamin C100.16mg2003.28mg
Schisandra Berry500.0mg10000.0mg
Acai Berry50.0mg1000.0mg
Goji Berry50.0mg1000.0mg
Red Grape Powder50.0mg1000.0mg
Pomegranate Powder25.0mg500.0mg
Capscium Annuum5.0mg100.0mg

Stir one sachet or Purewellness tea blend into a cup (200mls) of boiling water.
Or for delicious Ice Tea dissolve Purewellness tea blend into a small amount of boiling water, fill glass with ice and simply top up with cold water.

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