In the old days the people in India did not use neem toothpaste. They used neem toothbrushes instead.

Chewing on a neem twig has for many centuries been the commonly preferred way to prevent gum disease and maintain healthy teeth.

These rural people had never used a “real” toothbrush, didn’t know Crest or Colgate, yet they had perfect teeth. A perfect natural solution.

Researchers believe the tradition of using neem twigs for dental care has helped Indian villagers to avoid cavities and tooth loss although they have no access to modern dental care facilities or products.

And where did the controversial fluoride get us? Cavities everywhere…

And then the other evil: plaque, tartar, gingivitis, periodontitis… You heard all about it. Gum disease is a recognized public health problem in the western world. The widespread chronic infection of gums (gingivitis) is even believed to contribute to heart disease.

But can we believe the tales from India? What does modern research say about toothpaste with neem?