Vegan Collagen Alternative NEW PRODUCT!

With the popularity of collagen products not looking like they will slow down any time soon, many vegans and plant-based enthusiasts have been looking for collagen-supportive options as well.

Collagen powders are typically extracted from beef or fish, with the part of the animal determining which collagen type will be present.

This means collagen products have never been available to vegans, until now.

Purewellness have developed the first comprehensive collagen product offering a similar amino acid profile to type 1 collagen, packing in 17 amino acids (in the exact same ratios), with loads of accessory nutrients and plant extracts that aren’t present in standard collagen products.

This makes Vegan Collagen Alternative a completely vegan-friendly product, with amino acids produced by a natural process of fermentation.

This puts collagen on the map for vegan and plant-based eaters who are wanting the nutritional support that so many omnivores, carnivores, pescetarians and every other type of animal eater have been enjoying for so long!

The only essential amino acid not present naturally in collagen derived from beef or fish is L-Tryptophan. We have added this in to ensure a complete EAA profile. Though this amino acid does not impact collagen synthesis in the body, we feel it is still important as many rely on collagen powders as a significant source of their daily protein intake.

And L-Tryptophan plays many crucial roles in the body, such as promoting serotonin and melatonin synthesis, integral to digestive and mental wellness.

We’ve included a range of accessory nutrients that help to improve soft tissue integrity, such as sulphur, Vitamin C and zinc. These promote healthy collagen cross-linking.

Cross-linking is the process that provides stability between collagen fibres by linking them together.

Each serve of Vegan Collagen Alternative contains as much silica as a standard silica-gel serving and 833mg of vegan glucosamine.

To top this off, pomegranate juice has been included to reduce the ageing effects of UV light on skin.

With d-Biotin, Quercetin, Citrus Bioflavonoid Extracts, Manganese, Copper and anti-inflammatory Curcumin, Vegan Collagen Alternative is a well researched product and certainly the first of its kind to take the health of vegans to the next level.

Perfect for maintaining skin health, supporting joint integrity, muscle recovery from exercise (with a standard EAA or vegan protein) or other connective tissues, this is product worth some experimentation.

With zero sweeteners, flavours, acids or other fillers, each serve provides 10 grams of active ingredients. Try adding to fresh juice, smoothie or even in cold water.

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