Why you should add Acai Berries to your Eating Plan

Why you should add Acai Berries to your Eating Plan

Acai Berries


The Acai Berry is derived from the South American Acai palm, also known as the “tree of life” in Brazil. In recent years it has become one of the more famous superfoods due to its rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. While no verified health claims are currently made for the Acai Berry, there have been a number of studies completed on the various properties of this little berry. Research has shown a very high antioxidant capacity in acai berries, and other studies are underway to scientifically prove the capacity of the acai berry to assist with other health and wellness areas.


While there may be no official scientific proof of the benefits of the acai berry, a look at the component of the acai berry assumes a number of great health benefits. Take a look at some of the key reasons we think you should be adding this little superfood to your healthy eating plan.


Improves Cardiovascular Health

Acai Berries are composed of antioxidants, anthocyanins, which are excellent for heart health. While it would be unwise to assume they can assist with long-term or chronic heart diseases, studies have shown anthocyanins can help reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases by helping prevent blood clots and improve circulation.


Fights Harmful Free Radicals

Free radicals can cause damage to the body, ranging from the layers of the skin to internal organs. They have been linked to diseases including Alzheimer’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cardiovascular disease. The antioxidant, Anthocyanin not only assists with cardiovascular health but works to stablise free radicals in the body and even work to reverse any damage caused.


Aids Weight Loss

While acai berries aren’t a weight loss miracle, some of their properties mean that they are a good inclusion for your weight management plan. Firstly, acai berries include omega-6 and omega-9 which are healthy fatty acids. They help keep your nervous system healthy, and when it comes to weight loss, also help muscles repair after intense exercise (which is hopefully a major part of your weight loss plan). In addition, acai berries are low-GI helping keep your blood sugar on an even level and helping you stay fuller longer (meaning less chance of indulging on other unhealthy snacks).


Promotes Healthy Skin & Aids in Anti-Ageing

In addition to the antioxidant, Anthocyanin, Acai Berries also contain Flavonoid-like components including orientin, scoparin, deoxyhexose, taxifolin, isovitexin and homoorientin. These components possess strong anti-inflammatory properties, helping protect the skin from free radical damage and helping improve the overall appearance of the skin. Anthocyanin also helps combat premature ageing.


Improves Digestive Health

The skin of acai berries is composed of fibre which aids in digestion. Fibre is also present in the pulp of the berries. In addition to assisting in digestive health, acai berries may be used to help relieve constipation.


Boosts Energy

Acai berries have a high concentration of amino acids which are known for promoting muscle performance, boosting energy production and improving endurance and strength. That alone sounds like a food you need to add to your fitness diet!


May help Fight Cancer

Research has shown that the immune-boosting combination of Vitamin C and ellagic acid can help suppress the growth of cancer. While no studies have yet concluded the effectiveness of the acai berry for cancer treatment, the berry does contain the two immune boosting properties. Hopefully further studies will be completed to test the ability of this little berries benefits and its potential to assist in fighting cancer.



Which Acai Berry Product Should You Choose?

The most important factor when considering the acai berry is how quickly it deteriorates once taken from the plant. In fact, the berries need to be either eaten, freeze dried or manufactured into another form (for example, powder) within 24 hours in order to preserve their nutritional profile.

For 100% pure acai berries, we recommend:

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If you are looking for an easier way to get the acai berry goodness into you, these instant teas include acai berry along with other fruits to provide a great-tasting healthy tea:

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