Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips

Weight loss is perhaps one of the most difficult health and fitness goals. There can be a number of reasons as to why you’ve put the extra kilos on, but ultimately getting them off and keeping them off isn’t just a goal, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s often said that a healthy body is made 80% in the kitchen and 20% from exercise, making it important to note that it’s not only how much exercise you do, but more often than not, what you consume that will determine whether you meet your weight loss goals or not.


Having worked with formulating and manufacturing a number of health and fitness supplements including those that aid weight loss, these are our top tips for getting you started on your new healthy eating lifestyle!


Don’t Starve Yourself

First things first – losing weight DOES NOT mean starving yourself. Eating a lettuce leaf won’t only leave you hungry and malnourished, it has a number of other negative side effects. Firstly, starving yourself may actually lead to weight gain. Why? Because our bodies go into shock when nutrients are restricted, and will therefore begin conserving the calories you do eat. While you think you’re losing weight, your body’s mechanisms will work to reduce metabolism and conserve the fat, not knowing when it’s next intake will be.


Secondly, when you leave yourself hungry, the chances of making a healthy eating choice is severely hindered. You’ll probably be more likely to take anything that’s quick and easy – and often that’s when we find ourselves driving through the fast food joint on the way from meetings, to or from work, or when we’re out on weekends. Cut out this by planning meals and snacks . Don’t try to only eat a small salad at lunchtime – you know that won’t fill you up! Instead opt for some healthy snacks in between the larger meals. Some great suggestions are:


Third, malnutrition, health problems and a lack of energy for work, play or exercise are obvious side-effects of reducing the nutrients your body needs.


Nutrient Balance is Essential (and better than calorie counting!)

Calorie counting does have its advantages, however for most people the ability to keep up with ongoing calorie counts often falls into the “too-hard” basket. And that’s not surprising considering how busy we are, and how easy it is for meals to slip through without being accounted for. A much better lifestyle choice, and one that is much easier to fit into your everyday routine is simply ensuring a nutritionally balanced diet.


Don’t Overeat Post Workout

One big mistakes we’re probably all guilty of making at some point is finishing off a big workout, heading to the cupboard and thinking, “well, I deserve this huge chocolate bar now!”. Even if it’s not junk food, chances are you’ve overeaten at some point after working out with the perception that your body has burned more calories and therefore you can afford to intake more than is actually the case.


Rather than bingeing on too much food after your workout, a better alternative is to enjoy a protein shake when you finish exercise. Protein shakes won’t just fill you up, they also help increase energy levels and aid muscle recovery. Protein Plus Greens is a great choice, specially formulated with antioxidants to also eradicate harmful free radicals in the body. Another protein blend to check out is Purewellness WPI, a 100% natural whey with 90% protein and almost no fat.


Drink Plenty of Water

First and foremost, many people actually mistake hunger for thirst, meaning drinking water regularly throughout the day is just one way to avoid food or “hunger” cravings. Having a glass of water before any meal is one easy way to control your appetite and intake of food, as it will make you feel fuller before you begin.


Our bodies are made up of 80% water. This means that more water means the body can more effectively operate. You’ll probably find you have more energy and focus, giving you more motivation to exercise and follow your healthy eating plan. Water also helps digestion and flushed toxins from the body.


Finally, water has zero calories!


If you’re not a huge lover of drinking water, there are ways you can still enhance your consumption while enjoying a more exotic flavour. For example, this Metab Assist Instant Tea tastes great in Pomegranate, Kiwi and Lime and is enhanced with functional ingredients to further assist in weight management, increased metabolism, energy and focus.


Eat Breakfast

While you’ve probably heard it before, breakfast really is one of the most important meals of the day. While consuming breakfast won’t directly cause weight loss, it can help achieve weight loss goals. Firstly, when you consume a healthy breakfast, you’re likely to feel full longer, helping curb those mid-morning snack-attacks. Eating breakfast is also likely to provide your mind and body with the energy needed to improve your morning or afternoon workouts.


If you’re looking to get that little extra nutrition out of your morning meal, try sprinkling Brekky Protein on your cereal or yogurt. This is a whey based protein that contains a range of superfoods like Acai Berry, Spirulina and Elderberry making it a more complete and ideal breakfast solution.


If shakes are more your thing, think about adding some superfoods to your mixture, like Acai Berries, Elderberries, Goji Berries or Spirulina.



Finally, and importantly is exercise! The most basic rule of weight loss is to consume less calories than you’re working off. This is why exercise is critical. Even going for a brisk 30 minute walk each day will help shed between 630 and 1400 calories each week (obviously, calorie burning depends on a range of individual factors such as age and gender).


For those looking for a helping hand in their weight loss efforts, this Women’s Weightloss Pack is specifically designed to supplement a healthy eating plan, boost metabolism, control appetite and support fat loss.


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